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The Whole Child

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Teachers are often called upon to deal with more than just the educational needs of their students. As such, it is essential that we learn to look at the “whole child” in order to provide the most productive learning environment for each student. In many cases, looking at the whole child requires us to understand personal issues, family dynamics and emotional distractions. Participants will be given an opportunity to discuss specific situations that they have difficulty with and work on developing strategies to address the primary concerns that are affecting productivity within their classrooms.
This course is for all teachers, K-12.


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Shannon Griffin Kelsey

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All: K – 12

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3 In-Service Credits (45 CTLE hours)

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Fall 2024 Dates

October 1 – October 31, January 3 – January 31

Spring 2024 Dates

April 1 – April 30

Summer 2024 Dates

July 1 – July 31