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Teaching Math Problem Solving in Grades 3-8

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This course, based on the book Powerful Problem Solving by Max Ray, will help classroom teachers in grades 3-8 expand their repertoire of skills used to teach the act of problem-solving. Course participants will acquire a variety of activities and a sequence of classroom practices to build toward student independence and success in solving math problems. Participants will learn strategies that can be implemented right away, with any math topic or program, to help their students become more independent and capable problem-solvers.

Participants will: integrate problem-solving into math instruction; practice strategies to engage all students in the problem-solving process regardless of reading &/or math ability; utilize techniques, strategies, and activities from the course in their own classrooms or with their own students; identify resources that can be used to gather materials for problem-solving; describe the relationship and connections between problem-solving and the Standards of Mathematical Practice; utilize technology for encouraging mathematical discussions (such as Google Classroom) so that they can incorporate this technology with their students.

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Debbie Abrams

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3 In-Service Credits / 45 CTLE Hours

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All: K – 12



Fall 2024 Dates

November 1 – November 30

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February 1 – February 28

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June 15 – July 15