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ELLs & Building Vocabulary – FALL

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This class will focus on understanding ELLs in your classroom and how to help them develop vocabulary and language skills for social and academic practice. You will leave this course with a variety of strategies and useful resources for your classroom whether you teach bi-lingual, ELLs, or any other demographic in your classroom.

This class is designed for all teachers and teacher aids grades K-12, including special area teachers as well. This is a pedagogy/language acquisition class. This course is for all grades/subject areas/ including special area Teachers K-12. This is a pedagogy course because it includes the necessary functions of a teacher for a successful outcome in the classroom.

This course is offered with an additional hour for teachers that need the hours for recertification.  Select the session you want to complete and add it to your cart.  Then select ’50 hours’ option and add it to your cart.

Session and Credits:

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Jessie Byrne

Educational Area

Language Acquisition, Pedagogy

Grade Level

All: K – 12

Credit Hours/Clock Hours

3 In-Service Credits / 45 or 50 CTLE Hours



Fall 2024 Dates

November 1 – November 30, December 1 – December 31, January 3 – January 31

Spring 2024 Dates

February 1 – February 28, March 1 – March 31, April 1 – April 30, May 1 – May 31, June 1 – June 20

Summer 2024 Dates

June 15 – July 15, July 1 – July 31, August 1 – August 20