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Are You Really Hungry?

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This course is designed to offer educators insight into why we eat.  What triggers you to eat food? How does the media, TV, internet play a role in our food choices?   Students will examine how advertisers and food manufacturers manipulate and suggest certain foods.  In-depth analysis of the connection between looking beautiful and buying certain food products and how the industry manipulates images.  How do your food choices and behaviors connect with your body image and self-esteem? Discussions about food addiction and if this is really a diagnosable disease.   Teachers K-12 will be able to make conscious, healthier choices for their students and their classrooms.

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Michelle Rosenoff

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Grade Level

All: K – 12

Credit Hours/Clock Hours

3 In-Service Credits / 45 CTLE Hours



Fall 2024 Dates

December 15 – January 15

Spring 2024 Dates

April 1 – April 30

Summer 2024 Dates

July 15 – August 15