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Celebrating Differences: Character Education in our Schools

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This course will highlight the beauty of individuality! Students will look at the diversity within their own schools with an emphasis on the LGBTQ community. They will examine why people have certain biases, with a highlight on homophobia. Strategies to promote key character education traits such as empathy, dignity, respect, patience and integrity will be discussed at length. The course will also focus on how to help a child who may be questioning their sexuality at any age level k-12. Additionally, discussion will focus on how to help a child who is being bullying because of their differences. Students will be able to bring back to their own classrooms valuable information and strategies to help foster a caring, nurturing environment.

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Michelle Rosenoff

Educational Area


Grade Level

All: K – 12

Credit Hours/Clock Hours

3 In-Service Credits / 45 CTLE Hours



Fall 2024 Dates

January 15 – February 15

Spring 2024 Dates

March 1 – March 31

Summer 2024 Dates

July 1 – July 31