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Distance Learning Resources for K-12

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This course is designed to simplify parental access to quality homeschooling resources, in addition to what your district provides, for the students in your classroom and children of all ages. The parents of your students will receive a “Guest Pass” to access the resources and you will have the ability to guide them with a simple click of your mouse.

All the resources will be free and self-directed:

These resources do not require your ongoing support to parents, however you will have the opportunity to discover why these resources are useful and how to use them for distance learning.  Through the use of discussion forums, articles, videos from YouTube, and very useful (and free) online tools made available throughout this course, participants will write reflections and post their responses directly to the Moodle site.

This course spans across all subject areas:

Including special area teachers from grades K-12. As a pedagogy course, it includes informational strategies necessary to the functions of a successful teacher in the classroom.  By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
• Design their own mode of ongoing parental involvement in their classrooms
• Comfortably use online tools to facilitate parental involvement
• Have an understanding of why parental involvement is necessary
• Explain how parental involvement leads to greater academic success for students

Session and Credits:

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Jessie Byrne

Credit Hours/Clock Hours

3 In-Service Credits / 45 CTLE Hours

Grade Level

All: K – 12



Spring 2021 Dates

April 1 – April 30 | May 1 – May 31 | June 1 – June 20

Summer 2020 Dates

June 15 – July 15 | July 1 – July 31 | August 1 – August 20