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Building Blocks To Creating A Writer’s Workshop Program

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This course is a stepping stone. It will enable you to implement a Writer’s Workshop Program in your classroom with some ease. Each person taking this course will be able to access a collection of mini-lessons to implement as they see fit in their classrooms. There are resources included on the site that will serve as great tools. It will be easy to implement some of the concepts and skills taught through this course into your own classroom.

Participants taking this course will: implement a Writer’s Workshop in the classroom; define the parts necessary to implement a WW program; be able to conference with students on a regular basis; be able to use different maps and writing tools to teach writing and revision to students.


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Jodi Failla

Credit Hours/Clock Hours

3 In-Service Credits / 45 CTLE Hours

Educational Area

Language Acquisition

Grade Level

All: K – 12



Fall 2024 Dates

November 15 – December 15,

Spring 2024 Dates

April 15 – May 15

Summer 2024 Dates

July 15 – August 15