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ASPDP: Growth Mindset: Teaching Resiliency and Perseverance

This course is for New York City BOE Teachers.  Please make sure you register with ASPDP and MTS.

“While each person has a unique genetic endowment…today’s research indicates that people have more capacity for lifelong learning and brain development than they ever thought possible. Educators across a myriad of levels and content areas are experiencing a major shift in their thinking about student learning and intelligence” (Dweck). Dr. Dweck has coined the term “growth mindset” which challenges the traditional concept that student academic achievement is primarily based on fixed prior abilities. According to Dr. Dweck, “effort, perseverance, resiliency and purposeful engagement” is the hallmark of a growth mindset which can stretch a student’s potential, shift motivation and ultimately affect academic performance. This course is designed to provide educators with information, strategies and resources on the important components of a “growth mindset learning environment” (Dweck, 2015) within their classrooms.

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Michelle Rosenoff – ASPDP

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3 Credits / 36 Hours